About Us

What is Integrated Sleep Health?


We are growing team of clinicians who understand the diversity of problems that affect people’s sleep and are up to date in the latest research. Against the background of establishing Australia’s largest comprehensive sleep disorders service at the Woolcock Clinic in Glebe (with over 25 clinicians and 14 beds for sleep investigation), we recognise the need for closer outreach to patients in the CBD and other areas as an integrated service. Our new approach will allow prompt assessment and management of sleep problems close to people’s work and home. Future plans will include telemedicine as well as direct rural services.

Our philosophy is simple.  We believe that sleep disorders are often complex problems that require the care of a specialist who understands the diversity of the field. 

We are:

  • Patient-centred – we focus on why the patient feels they have a problem and how to improve their quality of life. We don’t believe in 10 minute consultations, sales pitches for selling medical equipment or have affiliations with any companies. Our focus is on providing the best possible clinical service.

  • Strongly grounded in academic practice and research – all our team are actively involved in sleep research with Australia’s leading research groups. We believe this is integral to giving our patient’s the best and latest advice on their sleep disorders.

  • Focused on a range of treatment approaches – these days, there are are an increasing number of treatments for snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, narcolepsy and the whole range of sleep health problems. We know the evidence for and against such therapies and discuss them frankly with our patients.

Integrated Sleep Health also provides advice to government organisations, companies, courts and other groups about aspects of sleep health. We also provide advice to media (print, TV, radio and social) to try and make sure patients get the most accurate information.